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Welcome to Trattoria alla Pesa


Following an idea by Gian Luca Farinazzo and Lorena Migliorini, Trattoria alla Pesa opened for business on 17 April 1997 in the historic location at Fagnano di Trevenzuolo.
It was probably fate that led the Farinazzo family to settle in Fagnano.
Little more than teenagers, both of the owners were part of the life at the restaurant, Lorena as a waitress, and Gian Luca to visit his future wife at her workplace.
Since 1997, it has always been clear what has made the restaurant unique: a seafood menu in an area of essentially land-based cuisine. It was a true challenge, but in almost 17 years, with the perseverance of Chef Gian Luca and the drive of his wife Lorena, they have managed to turn the Trattoria alla Pesa into the favourite haunt of seafood lovers, in a setting that is both familial and elegant.
In 2007, Trattoria alla Pesa had a second wind, when the couple's son Federico, finished his studies at Scaligero University, completing a bachelor's degree in viticulture and oenology sciences and technology. At the Trattoria, between 2007 and 2013, he applied what he had learned during his studies, developing a conscious and thoughtful consumption of wine, gradually leaving behind house wine on tap for bottled wine, creating a varied and well-developed selection in terms of value for money.
In 2012, following the premature passing of his wife, Giulia, the couple's second child, completed her studies and joined the forces that drive the restaurant. Inheriting both her father's temperament and her mother's determination, she was able to deal with the pain of losing her dear mother, bringing her young character to the kitchen, facing the challenges of the moment with determination, without losing hope. Currently Giulia helps her father in the kitchen as chef's assistant and idealist.
In 2015, Trattoria alla Pesa closed its location in Fagnano and relocated to the charming “CORTE ITALIA”, a new challenge, to improve the service and the quality, at: Trattoria alla Pesa nella scuderia di Corte Italia. The restaurant is located on the historical stately home of the Murari Brà family.
The reason for relocating is to feature a restaurant that keeps up with the times, that can fulfil a broad range of requests, from business dinners to weddings, with private rooms and vast outdoor areas, ideal for every type of ceremony.
This new project aims to become the most attractive go-to restaurant in the Veronese plains, enhancing the small yet historically significant centre of Sorgà, the border land, chosen by the Gonzagas for their summer properties.
The Farinazzo family and the Murari Brà family, wish you an enjoyable stay at Corte Italia Trattoria alla Pesa, Naturally Different since 1997.

Closed Sunday evening, Monday.