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The history of Corte Italia and the Murari Brà family


“Murari dalla Corte Bra', a long last name that tells a long story.”
The origins of the Murari family, historically "A curte dicti Murari" date back to the first console of the city of Milan, in the 14th century. As wool merchants in Milan with "stations" in Nuremberg and the main Hanseatic cities, at the end of the 1400s they settled in Verona where their activities thrived and they invested their revenue from trade to buy farm land and to become landowners
At the end of the 1500s, specifically in 1592, they acquired great possessions from the Santa Maria Abbey in Organo, which was the main owner of land in the lowlands at that time. They began reclamation work and improvements on the property which still continue to this day.
Shortly after the family settled, Raffaele Murari dalla Corte (Bra' was added later) began and succeeded in completing the Palazzone (the main building) in just a few years. Unfortunately he was not as successful in planning investments and payments, and his infuriated creditors surrounded him in the Palazzone and killed him. This left his wife, Amalia Dalla Vecchia, a widow at not even 25 years old, with three very young children.
Sadly infamous as "Palazzon del Diavolo" (Devil's Palace), probably stemming from this event which is documented in the State Historical Archives.
At the end of the 1700's a Murari dalla Corte married Giulia Bra', who brought in considerable assets with her dowry. The Bra' family was one of the most important landowner families in Verona at that time. This is why the suffix Bra' was added to the last name "Murari dalla Corte" (with the apostrophe, the contracted form of Braida), completing the name as we see it today.
With the Grimani, the Murari dalla Corte Bra' were the first to introduce rice crops in this area in the 1700s.
The stables were also built in the mid 1700s, followed a few years later by the reclamation of the porticoes and library.
In more recent years, in 1996, the stables of Corte Italia were turned into Country Holiday Homes and operated until 2011.
In 2014 a collaboration began with the Farinazzo family, owners of Trattoria alla Pesa in Fagnano di Trevenzuolo since 1997, to relocate the business to the Stables of Corte Italia, thereby marking the beginning of the “Trattoria alla Pesa nella Scuderia di Corte Italia” project.