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Since 1997, the restaurant has offered local specialities such as:
Risotto all’Isolana, Risotto alla Pilota, Risotto with Red Radicchio of Verona and Mount Veronese, in autumn Risotto con il Pessin di Risaia with stripped Frog and Risotto with tench from Lake Garda; in addition to fresh water fish which is typical of the Veronese plains such as Pike and Carp, Trattoria alla Pesa also specialises in the preparation of sea food dishes.

The School of Sardinian cuisine which trained Chef Gian Luca Farinazzo and his ability to surmise customer's tastes, has made Trattoria alla Pesa a favourite haunt of lovers of seafood in Veronese cuisine.

Since 2009, Trattoria alla Pesa has also expanded its menu to include the preparation of Valencia style Paella, using exclusively Vialone Nano Veronese I.G.P. rice; Fish soup; Fish crudités.

Our slogan is "Naturally Different" because in 1997 we set ourselves a challenge, to create a restaurant business that was completely different and innovative from all existing businesses. Proposing traditional recipes with a renewed enthusiasm, maintaining the principles of home-made production and authenticity, notably the desserts which are strictly made from scratch.

Also 'Naturally Different' because of the wine selection. In fact, patrons at Trattoria alla Pesa always have a member of the Farinazzo family, Federico Farinazzo, who graduated in viticulture and oenology sciences and technology from the University of Verona, who personally manages the selection, at their disposal to help them pair their wines, with careful attention to good value for money.